1. For round 1, all players are randomly assigned a match with another player. If there is an odd number of players, someone randomly gets a bye.
  2. Matches are 4 games, each player plays as white twice, and black twice. If the result of the match is a tie (2-2), that is ok, no further games are required.
  3. For each round, if there is an odd number of players, the lowest placed player who hasn't already received a bye, gets a bye for the round. A bye gets a 4-0 for the round.
  4. After round 1, players are then sorted by wins, (and possibly secondly opponent wins or some other factor yet to be determined).
  5. So in round 2, if there are two players who are 4-0, they will probably be assigned a match. Two players who are 1-3 will also probably be assigned a match. This process ensures you are always playing another player who is closest to your skill level.
  6. If however, 2 players are assigned a match but have already played earlier in the tournament, will try to find another pairing that haven't played yet, but that is still close to the system of pairing by wins.
  7. Play continues for a pre-determined number of rounds, based on the number of players. Less than 16 players, 4 rounds, 16-31 players, 5 rounds, 32-63 players, 6 rounds, 64 or greater players, 7 rounds. After the rounds have been played, if there is not a winner (one player with most wins) then the top 4 (if 4-5 rounds) or 8 (if 6-7 rounds) players with the most total wins advances to a single elimination playoff to determine the winner.
  8. Vacation time is allowed. If requested in advance of the start of the tournament, a player may receive a bye in any one round except the final round. This would be considered a half-bye so the player will receive a 2-2 for the round.