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3 to 16 characters's Policy for Playing Rated Games: maintains a rating for you when you play "rated" games. The ratings system is important to help you determine your skill level and to help you find worthy opponents. attempts to ensure that ratings accurately reflect a players skill, and therefore certain guidelines must be followed by all players!

1. Play rated games using only your brain. Do no play with any outside assistance. Just to be clear, here are some examples of what you should NOT do: use another gomoku board to examine future positions, use a game database to lookup the current or future positions, use a computer opponent to find moves, consult written notes or books.

2. Play rated games at with only one user account. Do not create multiple users at and play rated games with them.

3. When playing games, you can request to undo your last move, your opponent can choose to accept or deny this request ( does not care, it is up to you). If you do not plan to accept undo's, you should mention this to your opponent before starting a rated game.

In particular, by proceeding you consent to the use of cookies for the delivery of ads. Free users can choose between non-personalized (default) or personalized ads, paying users don't see ads at all.